An Introduction to Chicken Breeds and Their Eggs

Chicken breeds and eggsSo, I wanted a chicken. Just a chicken, you know, for eating and laying eggs and stuff. Well boy-o-boy, I never knew there could be so many from which to choose.

Chickens are kind of like dogs. There’s a million kinds and you get different behaviors from all of them. Then again, you eat chicken.  You do not eat Bobo, your oaf of a Great Dane. DO NOT EAT BOBO.

If all of this seems overwhelming, the amazing people at Oh Lardy have a great guide to keeping chickens. Our favorite part of the post was the detailed image that serves as a cheat-sheet for what kind of eggs to expect from different breeds of chickens. Check out their photo/info graphic below and consider taking a glance at their Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens.