Eat Dandelions in 16 Delicious Ways

How many people do you see spraying harmful chemicals on the yellow “weeds” that invade yards known to all yard Nazis as “Dandelions”? Although considered a weed by some, others enjoy this plant as a gourmet green growing right outside the front door. The Prairie Homestead offers an article that is sure to change the hearts and minds of those who battle the little yellow flower year in and year out.

Dandelions, just like any other plant, should not be eaten unless you know where they came from and whether or not they have been sprayed with chemicals. There are also some false-friend plants that you certainly should not eat. Once you do find some dandelions growing wild in your own naturally maintained yard (free of chemicals and pesticides), check out 16 Ways to Eat Dandelions.


Ways to Eat Dandelions